Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Duchess Of Duke Street

Some friends loaned us their copy of The Duchess Of Duke Street, A BBC miniseries and we really enjoyed it. As I was getting ready to return it to them, I noticed that the box was marked "Series 1" and they don't usually do that unless there is another series. But the last episode of the series had seemed so final that we felt pretty sure that there wasn't any more to the story. Just to make sure, I checked on Netflix and to my delight, found that there is a second series, five more cd's that continue to follow the stories based on the true life of Louisa Trotter. We started watching one of the disc's this evening and were quite happy to find the stories to stand up just as well as the first season did. We love Louisa and are horrified by her dreadful Mother and Brother in the first episode. It was so great to see all of the returning characters when we had been sure that the series was over. What a delight!

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