Friday, July 6, 2012

Conversations With God VS The Answer Man

"Conversations with God" is a serious biographical account about the man who went through much ordeal and wrote a book about his imagined or real conversations with God. As I watched it, I was driven nuts becaise I had seen a movie that was so similar about an author. The other day I stumbled on the movie which is "The Answer Man."

Answer Man came out 2 years after Conversations so it's a parody on the other. Both movies were intersting in their own way. The biographical Conversations movie was a thought provoking look into the life of a human being who went through some serious trials in life, found some answers and learned to deal with lifes challenges.

Answer Man is R rated for some bad language toward the beginning of the movie. It's about an author dealing with the fame that his writings bring him. It's a heart warming story that is full of promise as the story unfolds.

Both movies are worthy of a view because they each show a spiritual side of people and demostrate folks who are interested in life's questions. But each is completely different in the way they are presented.