Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Losers

This is a movie based on a graphic novel that DC put out under the Vertigo label. It was loosely based on the old series that featured Sarge and Captain Johnny Cloud...quite old comics, who were killed off during DC's crisis on infinite earth's (a series that got rid of a lot of older, less popular characters). The new series is a different group of misfits who are a lot like the originals. I didn't know anything about the comic before seeing the movie and didn't need to before seeing it. It is a good solid action adventure. It doesn't seem at all "comic" like, since it's based in a gritty "reality". Seems some soldiers are double crossed by the CIA and they want to settle a score. I found it to be entertaining throughout the film. If you are an action fan, you'll probably like it as well.

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