Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Dresden Files

I liked this short lived series when it was on the scifi channel. Awhile ago I tried to recall what it was titled so I could look it up..but I just couldn't recall the name of it. Then recently Netflix recommended it as something I might enjoy. Would I? I immediately requested it (only three discs for the entire series of twelve episodes).

This is why I have a Netflix be able to revisit video that is noteworthy. Dresden is a guy who knows magic and pits himself against dark magic and helps the police solve crimes. Based on a series of books, I recently reserved one at the library so I can give it a try when it comes in.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Larkrise To Candleford

We've been faithfully watching this series each week as it's broadcast on PBS. We find it such a delight that we recomend it to all our friends. The Murphy's found it at the Orem public library and I've got it coming on Netflix.

We like it so much that we'll watch the new episode on Saturday evening and then give it a second viewing on Sunday evening. The characters are so interesting and real. Dorcas Lane is the Postmistress in Candleford who employes a niece from Larkrise in the post office. From the start we are introduced to the differences between the town and the village.

This is a gentle and delightful drama. If you haven't been watching it..don't start now because you'll want to watch from the beginning and follow the story..get to your library or video source and begin from the beginning.

Doc Martin

This series is one of those little gems you stumble across and feel as if you've found gold. It was on my reccomendations on Netflix and I watched the first episode instantly, then we rented the discs which were available.

The story is of a doctor who goes to a small town and has a hard time fitting in. He's so gruff and clueless, he would have a hard time fitting in anywhere. With every episode, Jeanne and I keep wishing he would get a clue..but he can't and so we love the show but don't quite love Doc Martin.

If you are a fan of BBC type humor, you may want to give this a try.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mad Men

This week I got Mad Men season 3 from Netflix and watched it. We don't get AMC on the satellite package we have right now, so it was nice to catch up on the action. This show is really politically incorrect as it's a pretty accurate portrayal of the 60's and I like it. The morals are often lousy, but you seem to get a good representation of true life. You do bad, you have negative or later.