Monday, September 14, 2009

Review Of Duplicity

I prefer to write favorable reviews about movies and videos, but I have nothing good to say about this one! It was extremely confusing with the story cutting back in time for a flashback, now we're back to today, then we jump to some other time. It was too much work to follow along. I found myself feeling weary with all the jumps back and forth and truthfully I could follow it by careful viewing, but I didn't really want to. We all sat watching (Jeanne and some friends) and the comment we all made was "surely it'll get better." But it didn't!

And the biggest problem was that Julia Roberts and Clive Owen had NO chemistry. They kept running into each other and there was just no connection. They could have cast any "B" level actors together and had an equally disappointing movie.

So, if you've already seen it, I'm sure you'll agree that this one is a dog and if you haven't seen it, I've saved you a few hours of boredom!