Monday, August 1, 2016

Sing Street

When Netflix sent me Sing Street, I couldn't believe it, how did I order this one!? Not another new kid in school, finds a club to join movie, I've seen enough of those.

Since I had it, I put it on, both Jeanne and I were expecting it to be a dog!

Then, it turned out to be set in Dublin! and the characters were different, they were unusual, we cared about them!

Turns out, it's a really worthwhile movie about a kid who discovers he's a pretty good songwriter and he gets better. I love the scene where he's sitting in his bedroom while his parents are fighting in the other room and he starts singing the words to their fight!

The characters are different, they don't behave like you expect which makes this a gem for all to see, but especially those who have an artistic side screaming to get out.