Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Book Of Eli

I don't recommend R rated movies often, but this is one that I have to suggest. Similar to "The Road" this is a more hopeful post apocalyptic story. We meet Eli, Denzel Washington, a wanderer, a walker, heading towards the West. By the title and the previews we have a good idea that he's got a book that is precious to him and he is driven to head West. Turns out, he's been on his journey for thirty years. There has been a war that burned the Earth and killed most inhabitants, but unlike "The Road" there is still life on Earth, birds, animals and people.

It got it's rating for some violence and well deserved, there are some well done action scenes. There are a few language moments, but they aren't so offensive that I felt bad about the scenes, but I wouldn't watch this with my five year old grand kids.

This is one of those depth of character roles that Denzel plays so well. Good Science Fiction.

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