Sunday, October 18, 2009

Imagine That

This is a very great movie. Eddie Murphy really hit the mark with this one and little Yara Shahidi was perfect as his daughter. This was a great movie and I hope kids get it the way we did when watching it. A very heart warming story about a clueless dad who learns to pay attention to his daughter.

Murphy proved that he can really act and brought the level of comedy up a notch without the kid comedy becoming stupid. Martin Sheen did a short cameo at the end that was also well done.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Year Of The Dog

You know that feeling you get at the end of a movie and you turn to the person you're with and you ask them, "Why do you think they even made that movie?" That's what I felt after watching this movie. Jeanne found it and wondered why we hadn't ever watched it. As it got underway, I remembered that Katherine had seen it and told us it wasn't very good, which is why we hadn't watched it in the past.
Boy! was she right Year Of The Dog is a dog! because it's a comedy that isn't funny! There seems to be a trend with movie makers, they make movies that make you uncomfortable and that's supposed to be funny. Just not something I'm in love with but this really was a dog, just wasn't funny.

Just Like Heaven

Jeanne and I watched this last night. It's a very well crafted story and, in an age when comdy's aren't very funny (See Year Of The Dog) it was surprisingly good. With a plot that kept you wondering throughout the film, It really was a treat!