Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hector and the Search For Happiness

Here's an R rated film I can wholeheartedly recommend. I try to avoid that rating since so many plunge the viewer into worlds they'd be better off not experiencing, but this is a fairly wholesome light comedy that verges the borderline. There are a few F words and some undraped human form (but not full frontal nudity).

Hector is a British psychiatrist who is finding something wrong with life so he embarks on a search for happiness. And the results are magical. He finds many reasons or statements about happiness.

I found it to be a vicarious journey of self discovery and that made it easy to ignore the occasional crude humor. I find Simon Pegg to be an extremely gifted talent and this 2015 DVD release is one of those that contend for my top 100 films of all time! He brought life to his role as Scotty in the new Star Trek movies and he was great in Shaun Of The Dead and I even liked his efforts in Run Fat Boy, Run. There are several projects that I have steered clear of because of his lack of filtering, but this is one that deserves high praise.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Project Almanac

I didn't expect much but this flick was still a disappointment. It was shot in that steady cam, home made movie style that was popularized by the Blair Witch Project. So it's already got one big strike against it, this style of movie making just begs for hard to follow crappy scripting.

So, they did have some moments that would have been fascinating if done in a normal movie style but it seemed so much more fake being a steady cam "real" experience.

And the ending was horrible! It's like they got tired of telling the story so they just wrapped it up! All through the movie they build up to a scene they discovered on an old videotape, so it comes and they just throw it away with no good resolution.