Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Devil Wears Prada

This movie is a treasure! It was well received when it came out and stands up to the test of time. Anne Hathaway is the girl who doesn't understand fashion and they did a great job in bringing her from clueless to clued in. This type of show usually takes the girl and dresses her as an ugly duckling, a caricature rather than a person, so the change will be more dramatic. But they didn't do this here and so the movie and the changes are all that more convincing and dramatic.

Meryl Strepp is so good as the driven woman of business who runs the fashion magazine with the passion that it requires to be the best in your field. Stanley Tucci is good as the designer who takes pity on Anne occasionally and gives her harsh criticism and advice as needed.

This is a great comedy because it shows us a fresh glimpse of an industry as we follow a girl who follows the strength of her convictions.

Music And Lyrics

After watching a dissapointing movie, I dug out Music And Lyrics. I needed to see something I liked. It's a very cute little romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. I watched it with my son Dane, who complained throughout the movie. And I wonder if who you watch a movie with effects the results, because the jokes didn't seem as funny, the songs weren't as crisp and I enjoyed the movie less. Guess I should have seen it when Jeanne was around, she's a better audience.

I love this movie, it's a very happy, upbeat comedy that truely entertains.

All About Steve

Folks are really blasting Sandra Bullock about this movie. She was given the razzie for worst actress. But she wasn't that bad in the movie, it was just the wrong role for her. Her character is meant to be a bubble headed type and she really couldn't carry it off. Past roles for her have been smart, tough women, so this departure either needed to be extremely convincing or it would flop. Sorry to say, it just wasn't that convincing. This is a case not of bad acting, so much as bad movie choice. I want to know what's wrong with her agent. They should look out for her and help her avoid mistakes.

There were other problems with the movie, character development between the three news people could have been so much better and since it wasn't it felt flat. The scene in the van on the first date was awkward and embarrassing. If it had been directed and edited with a little talent, it might have worked but this is the point where the picture really tanked.

This is the type of picture where the team let down the talent and the results is a disappointing story. With all that said, I still would recommend you see it. It's not wholly without value, just a let down.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cold Souls

This is a strange movie. They call it a comedy and it is but it so strange and quirky. Definitely a dark comedy. I really like Paul Giamatti a lot who is not yet a really well recognized actor. I first recognized him in "Fred Claus" and later admired his work in the HBO project, "John Adams." Then I saw "The Illusionist" again and recognized him. I'm going to go back and re-watch "The Lady In The Water." I saw on-line that he's in it.

Because it is so different and thought provoking, I recommend it..but don't expect the same old thing, this is anything but "normal."