Monday, February 21, 2011

The Note

I found this movie advertised on some other DVD and it looked intriguing, so I ordered it from Netflix. Some movies that teach positive values are a little sappy. This one seemed to avoid that problem. There were many times when the opportunity was there for juvenile behavior and bad acting that takes place in the sappy shows, and they didn't lower their standards, the actors, director and editors kept the movie a good solid story. Maybe it's because it was based on a book, so the author kept it steady. Whatever the reason, this is a good solid piece of entertainment!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Netflix and the video streaming

I don't have any of the cool video equipment that will stream netflix to my TV so if I want to watch a movie on netflix, it's at my computer. Mostly I find it a way to verify that I want to rent or pass on a movie. I usually pass on R rated fare. It's usually so unsavory. The other day I clicked on Zombieland, because it had been one whose preview had looked interesting. I didn't make it through the opening credits, the gore was way over the top. It just wasn't going to be something I wanted to fill my mind with.

But everything rated R isn't necessarily bad. I stumbled upon "The Oxford Murders" with Elijah Wood. There was a sex scene and a couple of f word instances that got it the rating, but otherwise, I found it to be a highly intelligent, concise and well written piece of drama.

I'm going to continue to avoid R rated fare, but this streaming is great to preview a few minutes of a flick and see if it's worth seeing. I watched a minute or two of "How To Murder Your Wife" with Jack Lemmon. It reminded me of what a cute movie it was and It's at the top of my Netflix Que.