Monday, March 25, 2013

Creating Video Through the night!

So..this is true..I really am a video junkie! This said after staying up all night (it's 5:20 am) working on video.

I've been creating commercials for videos we sell on Amazon and I up loaded an extra take we did on a wood working project.

If you want to view the wood working project video it's at 
the other clip I up loaded is at
I also fixed links from a video page so that folks could click and go to clips we've already created. And even though I'm a little tired, I have to admit, I've really enjoyed the evening!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Playing For Keeps

I hadn't seen the cover and knew nothing about this film, so I expected it to be a low budget B movie. Jessica Beal was a known star, her husband didn't stand out and the lead actor was familiar but I didn't remember his name (Gerard Butler).

Then all of these stars showed up during a soccer game, Dennis Quaid, Uma Thurman, and Catherine Zeta Jones. Hmm, this might be more than a B movie. It was pretty good. Jeanne and I liked it, but it was a lot like a Hallmark movie. You know, fairly predictable plot. Happy ending..but wait, maybe that ending wasn't so happy.

Anyhow, it was worth seeing. I'm not sure if this is one I'd need to see again but it was a good evenings entertainment. Judy Greer was in a great supporting role and I loved what they did with her character.

Broken Discs

I have recently undergone an amazing number of broken discs received from Netflix. I got a disc that was broken, reported it, got the replacement which was broken and expect to get a new one today or Monday. In the meantime, I received two more broken discs the next day, another on the following day...five discs in a weeks time! The folks at Netflix have been great, they have sent extra discs to make up for the lost viewing time and been understanding about the breakage. I told their rep that I've noticed that it's the older titles I order that get broken. Maybe I order too many old titles!

The point is that occasionally things pile up and we could be dissatisfied, but I've taken time to reflect on the state of things before Netflix. Remembering how I used to have to buy or rent discs from local video stores and wondering how we were going to convert all those purchased video tapes over to the new format. Things are so much better now that we can get discs sent to us and stream videos with no breakage ever. It's the best of both worlds!