Friday, April 24, 2009

When I wrote reviews

Years Ago, I started writing a weekly column for our local newspaper in Missouri. I don't have a copy of a single reveiw that I wrote. I would go to the local movie theatre (they had 5 screens), watch a movie and write a review and send it in to the newspaper. I paid for the show and wrote the reviews for no charge. My hope was that as I gained experience and popularity, I might be able to syndicate my column and get published in many papers and along the way somehow I would make a living. It was fun. The manager of the thetre got to know me and began to invite me to come to the theatre at 110pm or midnight when the shows were over and he would run them for me and a guest for no charge. My daughter, Amy was prgnant at the time and didn't like to be seen in public, so she would go with me and watch the movie we'd both eat pocorn and I would write notes for my article. I tried to go to movies that I felt would get a good review and I wanted to go to all family (not R) movies first so that my family audience would get to read reviews they would be interested in. There was a time that I had reviewed all the non R movies excpt for one, "Spice World." I really didn't want to review it because it looked sostupid. But it turned out to be fairly entertaining, I was able to say that Spice Girls fans would love it and even those who weren't fans might find it enjoyable.

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