Sunday, April 26, 2009

Direct TV

My grandson Nickolas was over today and he was asking me about the TV. "How many channels does it have, is it like 1000 channels?" We found that that was about right and decided he must have the same system at home. The same insideous system where there are thousands of channels and nothing to watch. Except with the DVR that's no longer true. Nick says his favorite channel is HBO. (I shudder)

Then we had a nice talk about books. He's really been reading some fun ones. When they were gone, I reflected about TV versus Books and then resumed watching the saved "Storm Of The Century" that the SciFi channel broadcast last week.

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  1. i like the 101 channel it has some awsome shows like sleeper cell and then next month they will begin showing the first seasons of deadwood and oz (make sure your ears and eyes are covered with those shows)but they are good