Saturday, March 23, 2013

Broken Discs

I have recently undergone an amazing number of broken discs received from Netflix. I got a disc that was broken, reported it, got the replacement which was broken and expect to get a new one today or Monday. In the meantime, I received two more broken discs the next day, another on the following day...five discs in a weeks time! The folks at Netflix have been great, they have sent extra discs to make up for the lost viewing time and been understanding about the breakage. I told their rep that I've noticed that it's the older titles I order that get broken. Maybe I order too many old titles!

The point is that occasionally things pile up and we could be dissatisfied, but I've taken time to reflect on the state of things before Netflix. Remembering how I used to have to buy or rent discs from local video stores and wondering how we were going to convert all those purchased video tapes over to the new format. Things are so much better now that we can get discs sent to us and stream videos with no breakage ever. It's the best of both worlds!

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