Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Good Day To Die Hard

This is easily the weakest of the die hard franchise. McClain wants to rescue his son, who doesn't seem to need help. His often heard tag line, "I'm on vacation!" which he repeats over and over doesn't work because he's NOT on vacation.

The chemistry between Father and Son is poor. The Son isn't nearly as interesting or as likeable as the computer hacker kid McClaine was protecting in the last movie.

So even with a good budget and good actors, you can't create a good movie without a well written compelling script.

Some of the action is very good in this movie but because you don't care as much, it fails. Usually John is helplessly trapped in some kind of scenario where he can't walk away, in this turkey, it feels like he can walk away at any time, but he's just an angry warrior.

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