Friday, June 1, 2012

Man On A Ledge

I got the movie this week and asked my married daughter and her husband if they wanted to watch it. "No, did you see the previews, it looks boring, it's just about a guy standing on a building."

And on the surface, that's what it's about...but this movie is anything but boring. The storytelling is exciting and well crafted.

Sam Worthington (Avatar) is no stranger to action and he gets a few scenes in flashbacks that are pretty spectacular.

Elizabeth Banks (30 Rock regular) plays the negotiator trying to talk the jumper down and does a believable job as the cop who lost a negotiation with a jumper only a month ago.

Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer) was an underused and underdeveloped character in the movie, they could have done more with her and I was really expecting more. And I thought the cop ex-partner played by Anthony Mackie was played well but could have been developed more.

But, this is not a boring movie, and it's not just about a guy standing on a building. Give this one a try!

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