Friday, September 23, 2011

A Cold Day In Hell

Ick! This is a terrible movie. I'm writing this to warn you off. Don't bother renting this boring movie. It takes boring to a whole new level. There's only one thing worse than a badly written, slow moving movie and that's a badly written, slow moving movie with bad acting! And has this movie got bad acting. The opening scene happens inside a store which isn't believable at all. A trio on men walk in...there's no dialog...they stand around looking at stuff..another guy walks in. So the bad guys threaten to kill the store keep and the stranger kills them. Talk about bad! I've seen high school student videos that were better and more entertaining. And everybody in the film is fat! They must have been casting at a couch potato bad acting by fat guys! Hey, I'm not skinny, but but me up next to this bunch and I'll look much better! Really one of the worst movies I'm seen in recent memory.

Maybe you should watch it so you can appreciate a pretty good movie again!

Bad western, set in the old west. Long shots made everything look slow. The train looked slow, the "action" looked slow, even the train looked slow.

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