Monday, February 14, 2011

Netflix and the video streaming

I don't have any of the cool video equipment that will stream netflix to my TV so if I want to watch a movie on netflix, it's at my computer. Mostly I find it a way to verify that I want to rent or pass on a movie. I usually pass on R rated fare. It's usually so unsavory. The other day I clicked on Zombieland, because it had been one whose preview had looked interesting. I didn't make it through the opening credits, the gore was way over the top. It just wasn't going to be something I wanted to fill my mind with.

But everything rated R isn't necessarily bad. I stumbled upon "The Oxford Murders" with Elijah Wood. There was a sex scene and a couple of f word instances that got it the rating, but otherwise, I found it to be a highly intelligent, concise and well written piece of drama.

I'm going to continue to avoid R rated fare, but this streaming is great to preview a few minutes of a flick and see if it's worth seeing. I watched a minute or two of "How To Murder Your Wife" with Jack Lemmon. It reminded me of what a cute movie it was and It's at the top of my Netflix Que.


  1. FINISH ZOMBIELAND. It's so funny. But then again, I love gore.

  2. Oh dear, where did we go wrong, our dear sweet little girl loves gore..then you must have enjoyed that movie. I just couldn't take it!

    Happy Valentines Day!!!