Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dinner For Schmucks

I really had low expectations for this one, I was sure that a dinner where you bring your candidate for worst loser sounded like a horrible idea and a horrible premise for a movie. Several of the characters in the movie felt the same way.

But you know sometimes in the opening moments of a movie that you've stumbled on something with promise, like the opening of Ghostbusters. The music of this was from the beginning, funny, or promised to be and it delivered.

I was surprised, there was a lot of story before the dinner and it was not just bearable, it was down right charming. But the dinner just promised to be a train wreck and the set up is part of the comedy genius of this flick.

This was a great comedy! Thinking people will enjoy the life lessons, the rest of us will just laugh at it!

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