Sunday, March 7, 2010

All About Steve

Folks are really blasting Sandra Bullock about this movie. She was given the razzie for worst actress. But she wasn't that bad in the movie, it was just the wrong role for her. Her character is meant to be a bubble headed type and she really couldn't carry it off. Past roles for her have been smart, tough women, so this departure either needed to be extremely convincing or it would flop. Sorry to say, it just wasn't that convincing. This is a case not of bad acting, so much as bad movie choice. I want to know what's wrong with her agent. They should look out for her and help her avoid mistakes.

There were other problems with the movie, character development between the three news people could have been so much better and since it wasn't it felt flat. The scene in the van on the first date was awkward and embarrassing. If it had been directed and edited with a little talent, it might have worked but this is the point where the picture really tanked.

This is the type of picture where the team let down the talent and the results is a disappointing story. With all that said, I still would recommend you see it. It's not wholly without value, just a let down.

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