Friday, November 20, 2009

Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past

I didn't like it.
Here's the thing, it's advertised as a light romantic comedy. It promises to be a fun light hearted parody of Dickens Christmas Carol. But it doesn't deliver. What we get is this womanizing main character who we hate because he uses and throws women away. You just can't like Matthew McConaughey in this role. And then they promote this attitude that women want casual sex throughout the movie. Talk about duel messages. He's a creep for having casual sex, but it's normal? It's just jacked up new age crap. I think that most folks would agree, nice monogamous marriages are something to strive for. Even if we can't reach that ideal, we admire those who do and we know that they are happier for it. This movie heaps lie upon lie and isn't even funny doing it.

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