Friday, June 5, 2009

New Show Premieres

There are so many new shows now that the summer season has kicked off. I watched the two episodes of "The Listener" they showed last night on FOX. I was watching and with all the Fall foliage, this had to have been shot last year, so even the producers knew the show was weak. I might give it another chance, but for now, it really wasn't excellent.

"Mental" is another FOX offering and it felt like a "House" wanna-be. The premises is allright, but the characters seemed pretty soft, not great but some good possibilities.

The winner was last nights premiere of the USA drama, "Royal Pains." Very well done, I liked the characters right away, they are flawed but not stupidly so. And it was an enjoyable storyline. As the episode was coming closer to the end, I found myself wishing that it would go on, that there was another episode to watch, it was that engaging.


  1. I went to and watched the pilot episode of "Mental" and it was fairly good, so I'll continue to watch for awhile more

  2. Watched "Mental" again and vote to continue to watch it, but another try at "The Listener" solidifies my NO vote.